Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Marriage using Limited Liability Company Law

Marriage is essentially like any other partnership arrangement but with one major, very important difference. SEX is part of the marriage contract. You are "contracting for sexual services" when you accept the State's default marriage terms. The fact that Sex is part of the marriage contract is the main reason why the State is "concerned" about who it permits to marry.

Since States are more or less sanctioning a contract for sexual services between two people, States of the United States have traditionally attempted to regulate what kind of sexual activities are permissible in a marriage. Today, a lot of these old laws regulating the sexual activities of married couples are no longer enforced. However, a few of these laws are still on the books in some States.

If you eliminate SEX and THE STATE from the marriage contracting process, you are essentially left with a Partnership, a partnership like any other partnership.

If you think you can handle sex with the person(s) you choose to have sex with without The State's guidance, you just may be READY to EVOLVE from "contracting for sex" (i.e., marriage) to a more progressive partnership arrangement with the people you want to share your life with using Limited Liability Company (LLC) law.

A limited Liability Company is like a partnership except that the members of a Limited Liability Company are not liable for the debts of the other members of the LLC and, the members of the LLC are not liable for the debts of the LLC itself.

The idea of using LLC law to marry (instead of States' outdated marriage laws) was originated by Relationship, L.L.C. See

This blog will serve as a "one stop site" for information relating to the Relationship LLC (tm) concept, i.e., people using LLC law to partner rather than marriage law. Any number of people may partner to form a Relationship LLC and, the members of the LLC can decide for themselves what assets they wish to "share" (or have "in common" with the other members of the LLC).

Relationship LLC (tm) is claimed as a trademark by Relationship, L.L.C.